Reunion of The Riott Squad During WWE SummerSlam Week

WWE Superstars are busy this week because of media events leading up to Sunday’s PPV, SummerSlam, but the Riott Squad though snuck in some time to reunite.

Liv Morgan wrote she Sarah reunited for the first time since the Riott Squad awakened. The two were performing the same event. They also called Ruby Riott, who’s out injured and the three of them took a photograph together.

Forever my very best friends.”

The Riott Squad had to say goodbye to each other throughout the Superstar Shake-Up, but it is never goodbye forever in WWE.

Summerslam attracted this Riott Squad’s two active members . Ruby Riott may be out of action recovering from her second shoulder surgery, but Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan are still around.

Morgan and Logan were able to understand each other throughout the Summerslam Meet & Greet. Then they handed Ruby Riott a call in order that they could have a full-fledged reunion.

Sarah and I got reunited for the first time since the Riott Squad divide as we had been doing exactly the identical appearance… u know we needed to call Ruby and possess a Riott Squad Reunion. Forever my friends. @sarahloganwwe @RubyRiottWWE

Those two seemed to be somewhat satisfied. Logan was seldom used since the Riott Squad split, but we could be seeing a new side of Liv Morgan soon enough. That’s what she promised.