Ripple can be listed on Coinbase and Gemini stock exchanges!

There is a fundamental link between the digital money world and the banking sector. Ripple (XRP) offers several solutions to facilitate operations between these two sectors.

Why does not Coinbase add Ripple to its platform?

Over the past year, anonymous sources have said that Ripple is offering to pay Coinbase $ 100 million for XRP listing. This is a serious figure. Coinbase, however, did not add Ripple to the platform.

On the Coinbase platform, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum, which are currently trading at two main cryptographic currencies, Ethereum and Bitcoin, are now on the Gemini Stock Exchange. Coinbase has suggested security concerns and recent securities discussions as the reason for not listing Ripple as well as many other crypto parades. The Winklevoss Brothers, who are famous for their disagreements with Mark Zuckerberg and who are the founders of Gemini, said they plan to add Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin to the stock market in the near future. Coinbase and Gemini will most likely postpone listing Ripple

Ripple can be listed on Coinbase and Gemini stock exchanges!

However, according to recent reports, Coinbase Asia is expanding into Japan under its enlargement policy, to be moved to. Japan is one of the leading countries in digital currencies and blockchain technology due to the high amount of investor and crypto money follower. Ripple is likely to be listed on Coinbase because of this move. The Japanese government allows cryptographic exchange exchanges to work with the appropriate conditions needed to satisfy the US contrary. In Asian countries, crypto money exchanges must be licensed. Thus, they are provided to comply with cryptographic regulations designed to protect the interests of investors and digital currencies. This means that Japanese regulations have not been put forward to restrict the industry.

Coinbase, however, will have to obtain a valid license to demonstrate its commitment to regulatory measures before moving to Japan. In Japan, XRP is a well known and acclaimed crypt money. That's why Ripple is the third largest crypto currency on the market. In addition, Ripple is the most widely used crypto money in Japan.


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