Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse makes the XRP triumph at SWIFT

Garlinghouse says that 6% of transactions by SWIFT are under human control. Also, according to Ripple the XRP book is daha one thousand times faster than the BTC network. Hızlı

Faster than XRP

Brad Garlinghouse to Ripple CEO, traditional cross-border payment of XRP The system once again compared with SWIFT . During the Swiss National Bank Conference (SNBC), Garlinghouse said that most SWIFT operations should be under human entry and control

and this is not the first time that Ripple is compared to SWIFT.
but this time Garlinghouse, 6% of SWIFT's operations
claiming to be in control, the numbers more clearly spoke. This rate
Garlinghouse, voicing the effects of such a system, the completion of longer
said it would lead to cost-effective services. About high cost
When commenting, Garlinghouse, not to bank transactions or transaction costs,

The SWIFT system has long been accused of being unreliable, slow and expensive. This hinders the effectiveness of the traditional financial system, particularly when it comes to payments. On the other hand, Garlinghouse believes that Ripple has cheaper, faster and more reliable systems. In addition, according to Ripple CEO, the company's XRP book is Facebook one thousand times faster than the BTC network. Inst


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