Ripple claims bribery to the Bitcoin stock exchange Coinbase

Ripple (XRP), one of the largest crypto-currencies to be debated whether it is a security, was listed a few days ago in Coinbase after a long wait.

The fact that the XRP was suddenly listed on Coinbase created some question marks in the minds of some market observers. . The XRP community took a sigh of relief with the news of Coinbase, while key experts from the crypto-money ecosystem, such as Pierre Rochard and Alistair Milne, implied that Ripple paid Coinbase to list the XRP.

Last April, Ripple's Coinbase and Gemini were quoted as bribes for listing the XRP . In a related report published in Bloomberg, Ripple reportedly offered Gemini and Coinbase a number of ’financial incentives’ to list the XRP. According to the report, Gemini, who asked if $ 1 million was enough for the XRP to list the XRP in the third quarter of 2017, had offered a $ 100 million debt to be repaid after the XRP's pricing in the negotiations with Coinbase last autumn. Both platforms rejected Ripple's proposal.

On the other hand, another question mark on the listing of XRP in Coinbase is insider trading (insider trading

The announcement that Coinbase will list the XRP came on February 25th, 2019. However, the price of the XRP increased by 6.5 percent a day before the announcement. It is suggested that this increase is an insider trading case

. While the source of the information can be Ripple or Coinbase, it is noteworthy that the efficiency of XRP operations before the announcement increased considerably. Data compiled from XRPL Monitor, a Twitter account reporting XRP transactions over 5 million XRP, shows that XRP transactions increased absurdly when the announcement was approaching.

done. The total amount of transactions spread across multiple wallets was about 89 million XRPs. This amounted to about $ 26 million, considering that the XRP was traded at $ 0.25 – $ 0.30 on February 25.

These data indicate that someone or someone has already made the announcement in advance.

Such accusations are crypto The money exchange is not a first for Coinbase. The US-based stock exchange was charged with insider trading due to the very serious price fluctuations in listing Bitcoin Cash

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