Ripple technology takes over half of market share in India

According to senior executives at Ripple, the company took over 50 percent of India's market share.

Ripple vice president of product management Asheesh Birla explained that the company had invited India's financial companies to participate in RippleNet as soon as possible.

Birla, University

XRP, which accounts for 60 percent of the total supply of digital assets, is growing rapidly and making more than one deal a week.

Ripple, which currently has an increasing number of deals,

… We will take this back to Wells Fargo, and give India a better way than we can. We will show you that it is not [19659]

In addition, the biggest rival that the company has faced is that it allows Ripple to set up a regulatory team so that future clients can not go beyond regulatory control.

The company's CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, system in the United States.

XRP price performance up to date

The price of the digital currency has contracted considerably in the last six months, and the price of the digital currency has declined to about US $ against the US dollar. 77 percent declined. It is trading at $ 0.4471, down 1.9 percent at 0900 GMT.

According to the Global Coin Report, coin has a potential of 10 times its current value. Ripple offers a relatively good investment opportunity compared to other crypto currencies on the market due to its low price and future potential.

XRP is now at $ 17.60 billion, third in terms of market capitalization


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