Ripple (XRP) was the first crypto money listed on this stock exchange!

US users can access the Huobi platform and buy and sell USD / XRP, BTC / XRP and USDT / XRP today. Huobi takes advantage of the great adoption of Ripple ( XRP ) listed on the Coinbase Pro.

Ripple (XRP) processing
The couples were the first to receive support from Huobitannini in the US branch

The Houbi Stock Exchange is proud to announce that the US branch is now alive. The Singapore-based stock market made a statement Friday, saying three XRP trading pairs are currently ready for trading. Pairs are USD / XRP, BTC / XRP and USDT / XRP. Huobi Global's over-the-counter (OTC) derivative trading table announced that in March 2019 XRP listed contracts. The stock market is benefiting from the massive adoption of the XRP after its listing in the Coinbase Pro.

Huobi is the world's third largest crypto stock exchange with its adjusted transaction volume. In the middle of re-branding after a strategic partnership with US-based HBUS. It was later accepted that the Huobi brand was licensed and re-branded its retail business from to In addition to re-branding, the stock market prepares its own stablecoin for a broader use in the first half of 2019.


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