Robens and Renoir Tables Found Stolen

The Rubens and Renoir charts, stolen in Italy last year and costing millions of euros, were seized in a town near Turin.

In the past year, Italy, Monza, there was a robbery in Hollywood scenarios. The robber, who introduced himself to the gallery owners as an Israeli diplomat and rabbi, said he wants to buy the two taboos.

While the total value of the Holy Family and Grassland Girls tables was estimated at around 9-10 million euros, he agreed to pay 26 million euros for two paintings. The dealers and the fake rabbi, who agreed in principle on sale, were going to formalize the procedure. The fake rabbi crowned the diplomatic lie with a magnificent plan.

The thief who prepared the similarities of the two tables without coming to the galleries changed the spreadsheets from the buying and selling process and lost them with the real tablelas. The thieves, who had invited an adrese gallery named as the Honorary Consulate of Albania, rented the consulate's lower floor without any doubt. confused. The thief, called Nenad Jovanovic, sought after April 2017, was seized by four co-workers near the city of Torino. The authorities are investigating whether the taboos currently uncovered are real. After the relevant checks the tables will be returned to the gallery.


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