Robinhood added Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin trade to the world

Rapidly expanding, popular stock trading Robinhood has added Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin to cryptographic currencies where users can shop.

The company announced Thursday that it has approved five million users. At the end of the $ 363 million D-Series funding round, the company made a valuation of $ 5.6 billion in May, signing another milestone.

At a turning point, Robinhood is now available in 17 US states,

The firm also announced plans to provide support for money transfers and formulated an in-house crypto-banknote. At this point, users can buy and sell crypto money on the intermediary platform, but they can not deposit, withdraw or transfer them.

Robinhood expands crypto money trading

Users inside and outside Robinhood Crypto markets are now able to add 16 new crypto money to their portfolio tracking lists.

In addition to being a successful trading platform with millions of dollars in funding, the company said it did not intend to make a profit in the crypto money market. More importantly, they said they designed this service to build the market share and help this platform become the "biggest crypto money platform" in the world.

As CCN reported, Robinhood had to operate as a national bank leased to federal regulators it is said that they are applying to get the required licenses. This will allow Robinhood to offer traditional banking services to our customers.


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