Robustness Test for BlackBerry Key2 Videos Shared

JerryRigEverything made various tests and experiments on the phone, sharing videos of the robustness test for Blackberry Key2.

Blackberry Key2, a combination of Android and keyboard phones, was introduced last month. Blackberry's new flagship, Key2, has undergone a number of tests and can be said to have successfully passed the majority.

A little exaggerated because of the test, the users who want to take the phone should not mislead the users. As a result, you should not forget that the sharpest tool you will encounter in your pocket will be a key or coin, even if the phone and keyboard are being scribed with a knife. For this reason, we can say that it passes partially through the scratch tests.


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In the model we saw dual camera setup, the protection in front of the lenses was chosen as the glass. It is seen that the camera of the phone is more resistant to scratches, with glass being preferred instead of plastic. Finally, the phone, which has undergone the burning and bending test, has been successfully passed