Rockstar Announces Why GTA 4 is Uninstalled from Steam

A Rockstar Games spokesperson explained why GTA IV was removed from Steam. The spokesperson reported that the problem occurred because the new activation key could not be generated. In the explanations, it was stated that the studies are going on to solve the problem and new methods are being investigated.

He's recently shared a story with you, GTA 4cannot be purchased on Steam. In fact, there is no reason for such an event to occur. did not have and interestingly, the GTA 4's "Episodes from Liberty City" could be purchased. Now it is clear why GTA 4 has been removed from Steam.

From time to time, such events can be experienced and some games, platforms are sold. Removing. However, the most important reason for such incidents in recent years was related to the licenses in the games. So much so that the game companies, the music they use license for certain years, and the license had to be renewed by the end of the set period. Therefore, this reason came to mind directly.



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However, GTA IV Steamis not the reason for the sale of music license. Yet another licensing issue caused GTA IV to be removed from Steam. A Rockstar spokesman, GTA IV's "Games For Windows Live"platform, but new product activation keys could not be generated because Microsoft ceased to support Games For Windows Live.

The company's spokesperson said that they continue to work for GTA IV to continue sales and that sought and that they will resume sales as soon as possible. However, GTA IV is still not available for purchase at Steam.