Rockstar Games Punish Fraudsters at GTA Online

Rockstar Games made a little surprise and punished those players using Immortality Mode and performing various money cheats in GTA Online with a new patch.

We all resort to some minor tricks in the many games we play. Many tricks that enable us to do everything we want really add to the game. But it’s a game that everyone around cheats on, sometimes it gets a taste. GTA Online This is a game with abundant tricks and Rockstar Games brings various updates and patches to make the game stable by punishing the tricks from time to time.

Tricks have become the sine qua non of games, but they do not equally delight everyone. Some players do not like to use cheats and enjoy the difficulty of the game. As such, an enjoyable game experience for everyone, is faced with cheats. Game makers also to prevent cheats he has to take a step.

A new update has arrived


Rockstar Games had struggled in the past and banned players in the past with these tricks that changed the course of the game like immortality, teleportation, tricks that allow you to have unlimited money. Finally with a new background update actors were prevented from being immortal and some situations caused by a glitch when switching between the two characters were fixed.

Many players stated that they were directed to their main characters as soon as they entered the game and that they got an error when switching to their second character. Switching between these two characters was the source of the error that caused money cheating. Since there is no notification yet, among the players using these cheats whether banned is unknown. Apart from the corrections made with this new update, it was stated that a total of 6 new vehicles were added to the game.

GTA V Online

GTA V is still one of the most played games since the day it was released, and thanks to the huge universe it created, players do not seem to get bored of this game easily. The game, which was recently announced for PS5, was Since it is released for PS3 He took place in three different generations.


Elon Musk Teases with Rockstar Games and GTA V

Of course, after the announcement of GTA V for PS5, it has been revealed that those who have been living with GTA 6 dreams for a while should wait a little longer. For now, the most optimistic prediction for the new game of the series seems to be 2022. However, leaks for GTA 6 are also available, and fans of the series have already begun guessing on many topics, such as the game’s map and system requirements. About GTA 6 To browse all known and predicted details, you can click here to browse our article about the game.

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