Russian Build Space Vehicle Records Move to Space Station

Russian-made Progress 70 delivered in three hours and forty minutes. Progress 70 was the fastest delivery vehicle ever to the International Space Station

A Russian-made spacecraft reached the International Space Station (ISS) in less than four hours and was the fastest procurement task of its history. On July 9, the supply ship Progress 70 was ventilated with the Soyuz 2 rocket from the Baikonur Space Base in Kazakhstan. After only three hours and 40 minutes, the Russian-made space supply ship transported nearly three tons of food, fuel and other materials to the ISS. This was the fastest delivery made to this time.


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The Russian spacecraft became the most efficient space vehicle for fast cargo delivery. The Soyuz rocket sent both supplies and astronauts to the ISS in less than six hours in the past few years. US cargo vehicles, such as those produced by SpaceX and Northrop Grumman, usually require a few days to reach the ISS after they have been shipped to the market. NASA is also interested in this project and has indicated that the two orbits are planning to use the meeting strategy, but warned that crewmembers should be tested "several more times" before the mission.


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Russian chief commander Vladimir Solovyov said, "This is very promising in supporting our upcoming plans for both current programs and future programs. So this is definitely a giant step forward. We have been waiting for this turning point for a long time and hopefully from now on the thumb will become a rule. " This success is a good sign for fast mission missions to the ISS. In less than four hours, an astronaut can look back at the ISS window and return to Earth.