Russia's Soyuz Gemini's Penetration

The story of the mysterious hole in a space ship attached to the International Space Station continues to deepen.

TASS, who is on the unnamed sources, reports that the ISS crew has carried out a detailed analysis of the ship's damage when a hole is found. One of the vehicles they used was an endoscope used to see what was on the other side of the hole. When they returned images and video back to Earth, the Russian Space Agency found damage to a compound on the other side of the hole.

Outside the body, the anti-meteor shield, which provides protection from meteors, was also damaged. The TASS report gives you some new information about where and when your hole is drilled. According to the source, all components of the spacecraft were photographed during the final assembly process and there was no damage to these photographs. This means that your hole or the construction of the space vehicle is exhausted, or that it has come to fruition during the long study period.


            Roscosmos and NASA are investigating the mysterious hole in ISS

Russia did not disclose any information as to whether it was a suspect in the investigation or who might be responsible. Initial reports have suggested that the offense may have already been found internally, but nothing has emerged since these rumors have begun to return.