Russia's Su-57 Project Postponed

Russia has been able to produce only 1 operating Su-57 jet engine fighter aircraft

. it was also planned to sell to other countries. As of today, Russia has a total of 10 Su-57 jet-engine fighter planes, but only one of these aircraft is working properly with the engine.

            Russian Product SU-57 Fighter Planes Showcased Their Abilities with Demonstration

While Russian President Vladimir Putin was away from the Su-57 prototype, he had 360 F-35s and 170 F-22s in US inventory, while Russia's Su-57 to the US (in this regard) there is no possibility to hold the head. The work of only one of the Su-57s has also affected Vladimir Putin badly, since his expression on the picture of Putin walking away from the Su-57 doesn't look heartwarming at all.

            Su-57 Fighter Aircraft will be the deterrent power of Russia, 30 air targets can follow at the same time

By the end of 2018, Russia, which has stated that it will add 12 of its inventory to Su-57s, will not succeed in its goal and will make a great delay in the Su-57 fighter jets that it receives. Russia, which says that it will start to reproduce the Su-57s with the right jet engine in 2020, has put it back on its target board within 5 years following 2020.