Russia's "Unmanned Submarine Hunter" Project Fears Scary

The popular Mechanics magazine claims that the "Tsefalopod" project, which has been going on since 2015, has the potential to become a complete submarine killer.

Russia, which has recently developed a very effective military defense technology, continues to intimidate its potential enemies with devices and tools.


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In the past few days, a claim by western media has claimed that Russia has developed an autonomous submarine vehicle called "Tsefalopod" since 2015. The project, estimated at about $ 127 million in cost, is thought to be potentially both a submarine killer and a shipbreaker.


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Experts who anticipate that the submarine, which is believed to be capable of carrying out its mission, will be equipped with small-sized MTT torpedoes that will pierce and sink other submarines, believes that the Tsefalopod project will bring sea wars forever into a different dimension.

The project, which is estimated to be more insidious than the projects of powerful countries in America or other military perspectives, claims to be equipped with invisibility technology on the radar despite its large size. The Popular Mechanics magazine, which has no knowledge of what stage the project is in, is extremely confident that we will meet this unmanned submarine in the near future.