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The challenges for data protection management lie in the time-consuming and complex processes involved in the implementation of these statutory data protection requirements, an effort that is difficult to estimate and the prevailing legal uncertainty. The Berlin-based tech start-up caralegal has now developed a secure and efficient data protection management system that can be variably adapted to the individual needs of companies.

The AI-based SaaS solution was developed by data protection and legal experts in order to establish a user-friendly and reliable standard for the implementation of all requirements of European data protection law. The data protection management software from caralegal is characterized by its ease of use and supporting AI and is based on the expertise of the technology law firm Schürmann Rosenthal Dreyer.

Data protection management reduces the organizational effort

From automatic threshold value analysis for risk assessment to detailed determinations of data protection compliance to identification and Documentation of data protection incidents: By using caralegal, the organizational effort in data protection management is minimized and at the same time data protection control is increased.

The software can also be adapted to individual needs and is suitable for use in corporations, medium-sized companies and specialist departments. A modular rights and roles system enables the mapping of international and highly complex company structures. At the same time it offers the flexibility of individual authorizations for the users within the WebApp.

Data protection management
The use of caralegal reduces the organizational effort in data protection management. (Image: caralegal)

Efficient collaboration between teams and departments

Efficient collaboration between teams and departments is also ensured: Different user roles work with specific dashboards, flexible document releases, and task and comment functions, thereby accelerating internal coordination processes. caralegal enables companies to save significant amounts of work and costs.

The founders Simone Rosenthal, Kathrin Schürmann, Dennis Kurpierz and Moritz Strube worked with an interdisciplinary team of data protection consultants, lawyers, AI experts and UX designers to develop the software for data protection management. Knowledge of leading data protection experts from ISiCO Datenschutz GmbH Was incorporated as well as the experience of the legal specialists Schürmann Rosenthal Dreyer Attorneys at Law.

Data protection management: Intuitive operation of the software

A user-friendly web app was developed based on design sprints, user interviews with data protection officers and coordinators as well as other user-centered and agile methodologies. The intuitive operation of the software enables easy organization, documentation and control of group or company-wide data protection.

The SaaS solution is available without installation effort via the preferred web browser, creates regular backups and carries out automatic updates. The flexible service and price model from caralegal is based on the individual company preferences and enables a tailor-made alignment of the corporate goals in data protection.

The caralegal UG is a legal tech start-up based in Berlin, spun off from ISiCO Datenschutz GmbH, a consulting company in the fields of data protection, IT security and data protection compliance, and the technology law firm Schürmann Rosentahl Dreyer Rechtsananwälte. (sg)

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