Samsung Announces Unbreakable Phone Screen

Samsung Display, a line of South Korean massive screen display technologies, introduced its new technology to claim that it produced a truly unbreakable display. Instead of a hard glass structure found on most modern phones, Samsung uses flexible plastic reinforcement.

The flagship flagship phones produced in recent years have OLED technology. At the same time, devices with LCD technology are produced, but OLED panels are more sensitive to environmental factors than LCDs.

Samsung has developed a new screen protection technology for use in its future devices.

In fact, what protects the screens of today's phones is not pure hard glass, but synthetic pearl, instead of direct hard glass like Gorilla Glass. This material has a stronger structure than the conventional glass of the same size. In each new period, materials that hardened even harder, the OLED panels were protected by their high level of strength, but something was forgotten. The screens of smartphones are growing, making it impossible to physically protect them. Here, Samsung's new technology provides more proactive protection thanks to its flexible display structure.

Samsung says the next generation of screen protection is very close to today's systems in terms of stiffness, but it is considerably flexible. At the same time, OLED panels provide additional protection for extreme temperatures or cold conditions, which is the biggest problem.

The biggest worry for a plastic display technology is that it easily deforms over time. A plastic display with a structure that is easier to draw from the glass can reduce the lifetime of the phones.

The Galaxy Note 9 and the Galaxy S10, which we will see at the beginning of next year, will not have Samsung's new display technology in the market. Already the design phase of these two devices has been terminated. The foldable Galaxy X device we expect to introduce at the end of the first quarter of 2019 is well suited for such a technology.