Samsung Attacks iPhone on Advertising Campaigns

Samsung seems quite ambitious and stubborn about advertising campaigns. Samsung continues to attack the Apple Store and iPhones and is amazed by the new advertising campaign.

Samsung and Apple overtake each other with ads is a long-standing tradition. Samsung's past ads have always been boring by users. In particular, an ad named "Moving On", which they prepared against an iPhone, was found to be very boring. The company is now back with a new 'Ingenious' ad campaign targeting the iPhone. The company has released three new videos for this ad campaign. At this point, it seems that the videos are clearly mocked by Apple. In each of the new videos in the campaign, Samsung shows customers asking questions about the iPhone X and Galaxy S9 at the Apple Store. The "Ingenious" campaign name is complemented by non-responding intelligent employees in the store and actors in the customer role.


            Samsung Removes Wireless Charger That Can Equal And Recharge Two Devices

The video called "Dongle" tries to make fun of the iPhone by using a headphone adapter to provide users with music listening via wired headphones.

Unlike Samsung's Galaxy S9, the iPhone X is not shipped with a fast charger in the box. draws attention.

"Camera" refers to the fact that the Galaxy S9 has a higher DxOMark score than the iPhone X.

"The camera" refers to the fact that the Galaxy S9 has a higher DxOMark score than the iPhone X. [19659004] The video "Speed" claims that the Galaxy S9 has faster download speeds than iPhone X.

The first campaign to target Samsung's biggest rival in the smartphone market is definitely not the last. In another May ad, a user complaining about the speed of the iPhone 6 eventually comes to an end with the Samsung phone