Samsung Brand 5 Phone That Addresses Different Budget

Samsung has high quality phone models for all kinds of budget. Whether you choose a state-of-the-art model that flees,

Here are Samsung phones that appeal to different tastes and budgets and are extremely good in their lap:

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus (5200 TL)

Galaxy S9 Plus is one of the models Samsung is pushing the boundaries. The phone boasts a superb camcorder, top-of-the-line waterproofing and wireless charging features, as well as an AMOLED screen. The battery can last a long time. A phone that deserves the price.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (5000 TL)

Featuring the perfect AMOLED display, this phone is one of the strongest phones on the market, though not as powerful as the S9 Plus. The Galaxy Note 8, which also has a dual pixel sensor, is almost out of the picture.

Samsung Galaxy S9 (4000 TL)

If your budget is not enough for the above phones, it's a good idea to evaluate this model, which offers a smaller screen. It is also ideal for small phone lovers, as well as other features such as waterproof and wireless charging capability and AMOLED display.

Samsung Galaxy A5 (1900 TL)

You do not have to spend 4-5 billion to have a good Samsung model smartphone. This phone, which you can find cheaper than 2000 TL, has AMOLED screen, 16 megapixel camera, powerful battery and high stability. Dilersen also has 32 GB of storage space that you can upgrade with memory cards.

Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro (870 TL)

If your budget is even more limited, you can head to the J2 Pro, one of the cheapest models. Focusing on delivering the most basic Samsung experience while keeping the price low, this model has an AMOLED screen with 16 GB memory and 8 megapixel camera. Small phone lovers will be more than happy with the size.