Samsung brings crypto-currency features to other Galaxy models

According to Business Korea, South Korean electronics giant Samsung will bring its crypto and Blockchain features to the Galaxy S10 and other Galaxy models.

In the press release issued by Samsung today, the digital wallet application will be available even in low-cost models.

Chae Won-choel, one of Samsung Electronics's officials, said, daha We will gradually expand the number of Galaxy models that support Blockchain functions. We will make these functions available in other countries after South Korea, the US and Canada. C

Samsung's Blockchain wallet is currently only available in the company's latest flagship phone, the Galaxy S10. The S10 also comes with different Blockchain features such as digital signature and decentralized applications. It is reported that these additional features will be included in other Galaxy models as well.

On the other hand, it is reported that Samsung has met with telecom companies such as SK Telecom and KT Corporation to collaborate on Blockchain-based digital identity tools and other initiatives.

In the field of crypto money and Blockchain there is more active than ever. Last month it was discovered that the company was planning to develop a cryptocurrency called Samsung Coin

The technology giant also invested about $ 3 million in the world's largest crypto-moneybook purse manufacturer, Ledger,

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