Samsung Builds a New Factory of 5 nm Chip Production

Samsung started to build its new factory for the 5 nm chips it will release next year. This factory, which can also produce 3 nm chips in the future, can make Samsung compete against TSMC.

The biggest in the world chip supplier semiconductor manufacturing company TSMCcontinues to produce chips for Apple, Huawei (until September 14), Qualcomm, AMD and many other brands. When we look at the world market, there is currently only one company to compete with TSMC. Intel may have come to your mind at first here, but the company only produces chips for itself and cannot compete with other companies in terms of production as it cannot hold much in the mobile processor market today.

Currently, there is only one company in the market that can compete with TSMC. It is also one of the most famous smartphone manufacturers in the world. Samsungnext year with its new factory 5 nm will begin to produce chips in architecture. TSMC and Samsung are currently the only manufacturers worldwide producing chips under 10 nm architecture. Both firms are expected to produce 5 nm chips equipped with 171.3 million transistors this year.

The high number of transistors in a chip ensures that it operates both more power and more efficiently. At this point 5 nm The first company to use chipsets is expected to be Apple. This architecture, which is expected to be used in the A14 Bionic chipset that will be used in iPhone 12s with 5G support, would also be used in Kirin chipsets of Huawei, but the US restriction may break TSMC's agreement with Huawei. TSMC will not be sending chips to Huawei after September 14. At this point, there is the possibility of Samsung entering the circuit.

Samsung may be an alternative

Samsung, which wants to have more say in the chip market, started the factory construction for 5 nm chips. The factory, built in Seoul, will be equipped with high technology. Samsung said it will produce 5 nm EUV chips at this plant. These chips will be used on 5G networks and high performance computers. In the following period of the factory 3 nm It is said that it will be used for chip production in its architecture. Transistor density in these chips per mm square To 300 million It will reach.

TSMC started 2-nm chip R&D studies


TSMC Announces Work on 2 nm Processor Technology

The world's largest semiconductor manufacturer TSMC is already 2 nm started the development phase of the chips. These chips per mm square 520 to 540 million transistors is expected to host.

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