Samsung Galaxy Folder in Turkey Sale Date Announced

Turkey Daehyun Kim President of Samsung announces Galaxy Folder foldable phone sales in Turkey's history was introduced on 20 February. Galaxy Folder, will be officially April 27, 2019 in Turkey. In addition, the company has made important explanations to 5G plans in Turkey. [19659002] held in Antalya, Samsung's 18 different countries from the actual MENA Forum 2019 event with the participation of partners, the new products of Samsung exhibited. [19659003] MENA region as the Middle East Turkey and North African countries of their turnover champion, it was a host of important events. Galaxy Folder, S10 families, as well as Samsung's event white household goods and 98-inch 8K QLED television also took place. [19659003] [19659003] Firm Speaking about the plans of our country Kim Daehyun President of Samsung Turkey, "" new technologies such as artificial intelligence and 5G We will make an investment of $ 22 billion in the next three years to develop. We make agreements to ensure that our knowledge in 5G is beneficial to the Turkish people.

Samsung Galaxy Folder on sale in Turkey on April 27:

According to the Anadolu news agency, DaeHyun Kim said, Da We have created a product that excites our consumers with our foldable phone. When it opens, the Galaxy Fold reaches 7.3 inches and you can use YouTube, WhatsApp and Google at the same time. Market a great innovation that Galaxy Folder We will offer for sale in Turkey on 27 April. "He said. [19659003] Galaxy Folder US price disclosed on February 20 was announced as the dollar 1980s. What made a statement on the price of the device at the event We can see that we will reach a clear figure in the next 1 month, and you can see what our price will be based on the following content.


            Turkey's 1980 dollar price of the Samsung Galaxy Folder What Happens Next?

Update: Samsung officials reached us

According to information reported by Samsung officials, DaeHyun Kim did not have an explanation for the date of sale at the event. The error was due to the newsletter that Samsung directed to the press members. Authorized, whether they export sales of the Samsung Galaxy Folder Turkey's history yet finalized.

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