Samsung Galaxy Fold's Ruggedness Test Results Announced

Samsung's first folding screen phone, the Fold model, which will be released shortly, the results of robustness tests were shared by Samsung. As a result of the tests, the phone is durable to turn it off for 5 years.

The first folding screen phone that will give Samsung a new direction to the smartphone industry. Samsung has also chosen to be transparent and announced the test results.


            Samsung Galaxy Fold Viewed Once Again (Video)

It is not known whether the results of the tests will be sincere for the users, but the phone can be switched off exactly 200,000 times according to Samsung. According to the results of tests carried out with automatic robots, if you turn off and turn on your phone's screen 100 times a day, the hinges that allow your phone screen to be closed will give you the experience of using it for 5 years. According to the results of the research, users can use their phones for approximately 2 years. This means that a user who wants to refresh his phone will continue to open and close his screen properly when he puts the Galaxy Fold in a corner.

As can be seen in the video, the phone has been tested at a constant speed and reached a result of 200 thousand. However, when we think about it in real life, it is almost impossible to reach this number when considering each user's phone at least once, and the speed of closure. Galaxy Fold will be available on April 26 and the US price will be around 1980 dollars (about 11.500 TL). Turkey prices, yet this model we can see with our eyes kesinleşmes also recently all the details, it is eagerly awaited by users.