Samsung Galaxy Note9 vs Galaxy S9 Plus: Which one?

Samsung's latest flagship Galaxy Note9 is one of the best devices in the Android world. The Galaxy S9 Plus, which is very close to it in terms of technical features, is still a good choice.

Introducing the new flagship device every six months, Samsung is confronted with different devices during two different periods of the year. The Galaxy S and Note series devices, which are Samsung's top models for many years, often do not offer very different features to each other. The difference between this year's Galaxy S9 Plus and Note9 is quite small, but there are still some reasons to prefer Note9. If you are currently in search of a new phone and you have stayed in between these two models, we may be able to help you decide.

Kimler Galaxy Note9 Almal?

Looking at the hardware features, the Note9, which has almost the same infrastructure as the S9 Plus, goes in front of the S9 Plus with a few small details for those who want to buy today's 'best' Android device. Offering 14% more battery life than the S9 Plus with a 4000 mAh battery, Note9 is one step ahead of storage options. In addition to the 512 GB memory card support up to 512 GB total storage capacity of up to 1TB Note9, in front of all competitors in this issue. In addition, the 512 GB version has 8 GB RAM, which is a small plus compared to the S9 Plus; but 6 GB is more than enough.


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If you are a strict Note user, Galaxy S9 Plus may not be suitable for you. The lack of S Pen you are familiar with from the previous Note models may seem like a major shortcoming for you, so it is. In short, it would be more logical to upgrade to an old Note5 or Note8 user. Although there are several different reasons to choose Note9 compared to the S9 Plus, the biggest advantage of Note9 is the S Pen

Who is Galaxy S9 Plus?

Note9, with significant advantages such as storage, battery and S Pen, has the same features as the S9 Plus in general. The fast charging technology used is exactly the same, with buttons, headphones and USB-C inputs, stereo speakers, IP68 certification and even cameras. Some 'smart camera features' in Note 9 are noticed, but these features do not make much difference.


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The Galaxy S9 Plus is less than 0.2 inches smaller than the Note9, which makes no sense for everyday use. In terms of screen quality, two devices that already have the highest level of features in the world of smartphones will not have any problems with this.

Which one do you have?

Note9 will be a good choice if you need S Pen, 512 GB storage space and 14% larger battery. But if you do not need these features, it's a smarter move to opt for the relatively cheap Galaxy S9 Plus. Of course if you want to have the most new, if you do not have a financial problem, Note9 will be a good choice too.