Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus's Geekbench Score Appears

Geekbench results of the Snapdragon 855 version of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. The device is quite ambitious even with its base version.

It is almost a month left to introduce the Galaxy S10s, the 10th year special model of the Galaxy S series, one of Samsung's most popular smartphone series. As we approach the launch of the series, which is expected to consist of four different models, we are looking for the amount of leaks. The last leak revealed the Geekbench results of the Galaxy S10 Plus, a premium model

The device listed in Geekbench is clearly visible when working with Android 9.0 Pie, the latest version of Android, with a capacity of 6GB of RAM and a Snapdragon 855 processor. The version with 6GB RAM is expected to be the entry-level version for the G Plus 4 model, while Samsung is expected to introduce versions with 8GB and 12GB RAM.


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According to the online results, the Galaxy S10 Plus achieves a score of 3413 in its single-core performance and 10,256 in its multi-core performance. Considering that the results belong to the base model, we can say that it is not bad. The performance will be better as the products to be sold will be better optimized.


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