Samsung Galaxy Wearable App Is Not Working for a Week

Samsung smart watch users, one of the most successful of wearable technologies, have a great deal of difficulty in recent days. In addition, an error in the last few days has rendered the application, which is used to control the smart watches, functionless. The Samsung Galaxy Wearable has been unavailable for more than a week.


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A title on Samsung's Community Forum was filled with full 65-page user complaints. Users here have reported that Galaxy Wearable is not working properly. The common problem is that the Wearable application does not allow users to log in to their Samsung account.

Users are unable to log in to the Samsung account or update the applications in the Galaxy Wearable app. White screen appears when signing in.

Although not logging into the Samsung Account doesn't prevent the clock interface from setting up, the application makes it impossible to set up the new clock interface download, backup upload, and features like the Samsung Pay. The error, however, is affected by other Android smartphones other than Samsung, such as Pixel, OnePlus, LG.


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The tab meets the users in a whitish manner where it should be the screen to log in. Samsung announces; when he said he was aware of the mistake, he did not mention when an update that corrected the error would be released. During this time, users will unfortunately have to use their smart watches with 'limited wisdom'.