Samsung Improves Galaxy Note10 with 'Da Vinci' Code

South Korean electronics giant Samsung has begun making plans for the upcoming year, even though the Galaxy Note9 has been on the newer market. The company develops the Galaxy Note10 with the code name "Da Vinci".

The latest flagship Galaxy Note9, with its S-pen line, which stands out with Bluetooth connectivity, is the leader of its class alone. When checking the large phone screen with a new pen, it is very easy to draw because it is pressure sensitive. In addition, S Pes acts as a kind of remote control, making it easy to make presentations or to control the device.

Samsung's Note9, which has raised 1500 TL due to the rising dollar rate during the past days, is just a new phone. The company has already started making plans for next year. Galaxy Note10, which is expected to be introduced in August 2019, is being developed under the code Da Vinci.

Da Vinci and Samsung wink at Leanardo Da Vinci from renowned Renaissance painters. This name also gives us a hint that we will see a more sensitive S Pen pen. With increased sensitivity, the S Pen on the phone screen can function like a real paper-pen pair.

On the other hand, the Da vinci code name may also appear in advertising campaigns that Samsung will use when marketing Galaxy Note10. It is the courage to position the phone with the name of one of the most recognizable artists of all time.

Da Vinci was not only known as a painter during his lifetime. He was also an inventor, anatomist, musician, and scientist. For this reason, it is not difficult to say that we have entered much bigger expectations under the Da Vinci code name.

We will not be able to learn much about the Galaxy Note10 in the near future. First of all, we look forward to the foldable phone Galaxy X and Galaxy S10 that Samsung will introduce in early 2019. Let's see what kind of improvements these devices will have. Continue to follow the details in order not to miss the details