Samsung Internet Application Receives a New Update

Samsung Internet is one of the most important applications of the Korean manufacturer.

Samsung Internet is a very useful application for many Android users. Samsung Internet, one of the best first-party applications of the brand, now has a new update.

We all know that there is a crowded team that is actively working on the backplane so that the application can go further and further. The "7.4" named update is confronted with a stable release of all the features discussed in the beta release. At the moment, a feature for US users has begun to be distributed under the name of Quick Recommendations.


            The updated Samsung Internet Browser comes with new features!

The application that will become your personal assistant during the update; will be able to show you relevant opportunities, news and comments with a single touch. In addition, the Samsung Internet, which thinks in your pocket, will also offer payment options with the Samsung Pay from the browser to help you save even more.

The latest version of the Samsung Internet application, which has security measures in mind, may not yet be accessed. However, if you can not wait to try the new version, you can download the APK from our page by clicking on the link. In addition to seeing your goal further, clicking here for the 8.2 beta APK will suffice.