Samsung Lullabye Price for Foldable Phones

Foldable phones, the most curious innovation of the smartphone market and phone manufacturers are in a big race in this regard. However, the price of these ambitious phones also brings the possibility that the sales figures may not be low.

Phone prices have experienced serious increases in recent years due to the exchange rate effect in our country. Samsung and Apple have repeatedly announced that their phones have been hired, and people who intend to buy phones have gone to alternatives.

Companies like Samsung and Huawei have a lot of claims about foldable phones, and finally Samsung's new foldable phone line is based on Galaxy F It was reported that he was working. As the frequency of the news increases, the interest and curiosity about the topic also grows and of course one of the biggest curiosity is the price range of the phones.


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Samsung is considering launching its first foldable phone at the beginning of 2019, and according to recent announcements, the price of this phone will be around $ 1,800. We can say that this price, which is quite high even for the American and European markets, and this time it will really be the price of 'car' if we consider the equivalent of the future in our country. Samsung says it will produce 300,000 or 500,000 units from this first foldable phone, and in fact it shows that the phone does not already target high sales figures.