Samsung Removes iFixit's Galaxy Fold Review

According to a statement by iFixit, Samsung has asked for the removal of the iFixit review, which states that the possibility of deterioration of the Galaxy Fold is too high

. Galaxy Fold'i also examined the positive and negative opinions about the device was transferred to the reader. The general commentary on iFixit's Galaxy Fold was that it had a modular internal structure, but it was too much to be spoiled due to its flawed design. IFixit removed Galaxy Fold's review from the website at Samsung's request. iFixit said in a statement on the subject that Galaxy Fold had been provided by one of its partners and that Samsung had asked the partner to demand that the iFixit review be removed.


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iFixit also stated that there is no legal or other means of removing any of its investigations, and that they have removed the Galaxy Fold review due to their respect for the partners they cooperate with in order to be better. Samsung didn't explain why iFixit made such a request, but the move has led to the rumors that the Galaxy Fold will be overhauled and the design will change.