Samsung Shows Foldable Smart Phone

Samsung's brand-new foldable smartphone, which has been on the agenda for months, has been showcased

CES 2019 Consumer in Las Vegas, which began on January 8th and lasted for 3 days on January 11 with the latest technological products. Electronics Fair continues unabated. Samsung, as of today (January 9), presented its foldable smartphone to private participants behind closed doors at the CES 2019 Fair


            Samsung, Galaxy S10 Released A New Publication Image

In the folding phase, the device is not fully stable, yet it is not officially announced, but one of the company executives participating in Samsung's special screening said that if the device is not folded, the screen is completely flat and will break if you try to fold it. In this context, it was stated that the prototype of the device was not stable in one hand mode.


            Samsung Confirmed: Foldable Smartphone Comes After June

Samsung promises to introduce its collapsible smartphone in the first half of 2019, promising that the existing problem will be solved in the future. In the first phase, it is stated that the price of the foldable smartphone with the latest display and battery technology will be approximately $ 1,350.