Samsung, Why Still 5 Years of Fast Charging?

Although Samsung has made many innovative improvements with the Galaxy S10 series, it continues to prefer a 5-year, 15W fast charge for fast charging. It is possible to find fast charging technology support even on Samsung flagships that were launched many years ago. However, Samsung still uses the 5-year 15W Quick Charge 2.0 technology for the Galaxy S10. Moreover, 25W fast charging is not expected to be supported on the Galaxy Note10.


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So, the first company to use fast charging technology, which gives importance to fast charging technology, why has Samsung been using 15W fast charging technology for years and not switching to 25W fast charging? As a matter of fact, Samsung has introduced the 25W fast charging technology with the Galaxy A70, but the company has not been able to get the full performance from the 25W fast charge. Here are the results:

30 minutes: 25W Galaxy A70, 33% – 15W Galaxy A70, 36% – 15W Galaxy S10 +, 34%
45 minutes: 25W Galaxy A70, 51% – 15W Galaxy A70, 49% – 15W Galaxy S10 +, 52%
60 Minutes: 25W Galaxy A70, 67% – 15W Galaxy A70, 60% – 15W Galaxy S10 +, 67%

As can be seen in the above results, the 25W quick charge, however, starts to show its difference after a long charging time of 1 hour. Moreover, this difference is only 7%. Would you like to pay more money to get your phone to charge 7% faster in 1 hour? It's not hard to guess that most people say no. For this reason, Samsung has been resisting the 15W fast charge, even though it has been many years.


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Nevertheless, it is not possible to say that Samsung is totally right. Companies such as Huawei, Vivo, Oppo are able to charge smartphones extremely fast thanks to advanced fast charging technologies. Samsung needs to do more than 15W fast charge to compete with its competitors. We will expect and see how the company will take a position in the future.