Samsung Will Get a Full Screen and a 6 Camera Phone

The news about Samsung's phone-to-phone ratio of one hundred percent was added to the news that the company was working on a full-screen and 6-camera phone. we can face many new innovations. One of the most up-to-date technologies for smartphones is that the ratio of screen size to the physical size of the device is almost one hundred percent.

Samsung may be the first to reach this ratio. Destruction of components in front of the screen, the latest development for the emergence of larger screens compared to the phone case, the placement of the fingerprint sensor display. It is likely that a new level of innovation will be revealed on the Samsung side while it has just reached this level. This was confirmed by the R & D group vice president Yang Byung-duk. According to reports, Samsung is working on a six-camera phone, where the front cameras are hidden behind the screen


            Samsung tries to hide camera notches in-screen

In spite of solutions like notches and drops, Samsung is working on a new technology to place the camera behind the screen and completely eliminate the camera hole. It is also claimed that this will not adversely affect screen functionality.

This is definitely an exciting innovation. We are not fully aware of how the new technology will work, but if the news is correct, we'll be able to learn in the not-too-distant future.