Samsung Will Not Give Up Bixby

Bixby, perhaps the last name that comes to mind when talking about a voice assistant, is not preferred much more than its competitors. Considering this, Samsung does not have to give up Bixby and leave the smart assistant market to Google and Amazon. Samsung's plan isn't like that at all.

Perhaps the main reason people think Bixby will die of growth is because they see Google as a direct competitor. Only from this point of view, Bixby is really far behind Google and Amazon.

However, Bixby is not just a system for smartphones, but it is a bit more in depth. The vocal assistant, who can work with all Samsung's "smart" devices, also learns what you're doing with the artificial intelligence engine it has.


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The main problem of Samsung is that it cannot fully implement these promised features. The fact that Bixby is only available on Samsung devices prevents anyone from spreading to the masses. However, since Google and Amazon's products can be used as vazgeç one-on-one ürün with many different systems, people are pushing themselves to these solutions. For example, the smart refrigerator they introduced at CES was able to provide information to the user through Bixby. The Korean giant's investment in this area has also grown a lot, so the threshold for abandonment has already been over.


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In conclusion, although Bixby is not a great product, it seems to continue to take place in our lives. Bixby, which will be introduced in the Galaxy S10 series devices that will be introduced in the coming weeks, will establish its own ecosystem in one way or another. But his future success is somewhat enigma:)


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