Samsung Wins Date for Foldable Smart Phone

Samsung is very close to offering the world's first foldable smartphone to the market. Samsung Mobile CEO, DJ Koh, gave a date for the launch of the foldable smartphone.

Samsung Mobile CEO DJ Koh, in CNBC's highly significant statements, also gave a date for the launch of the long-awaited curiously expected foldable smartphone. Koh added that the foldable smartphone is almost complete, and added that the device will be offered to consumers in the following months of the year.


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All the leaks that have arisen so far say Samsung will introduce the foldable smartphone at the beginning of 2019. Even the Galaxy S10 launch was even talked about. However, DJ Koh said that the rumors had been wasted and the foldable Samsung smartphone would be introduced in 2018.

Koh refused to give a clear date for the launch, but said the device could be introduced at SDC 2018 (Samsung Developers Conference). SDC 2018 will be held in San Francisco, United States, from 7-8 November. Koh was determined not to tell how to name the device.


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Koh said that consumers would not have a reason to buy the device if the foldable smartphone was able to do almost any important function when it was open, and that if the device offered the same experience as tablets while not folded, products