Samsung's Foldable Phone May Appear in November

Samsung reports that it will make a foldable phone for a long time. However, there is no device yet. According to the statement made, this situation may change at the end of the year.

The foldable phone has fewer dreams. Samsung Mobile Chairman DJ Koh explained to the CNBC on Tuesday that our company is trying to introduce the first foldable phone until the end of the year. Koh hinted at us at the Developer Conference in November 2018 that they could give more information.

Although Samsung has acknowledged working on a foldable phone, the model has been careful not to give any details about the model. President Koh explains the logic of this situation to CNBC as follows:


            New Details on Samsung's Foldable Phone

"You can use most features of the phone when you are in a folded position, but perhaps you need to look at something, you'll have to turn on the phone when you need to see something better What's the better position of a smart phone that will give you a tablet? Why do people want to buy this device? Every feature of every device, every innovation has to be a way for the end user, so when the buyer picks up the device, 'That's why Samsung is doing it.' It's our goal, too. "

Samsung also said that the foldable phone would have a foldable screen.

In the days when Samsung was speaking, "We are developing and expanding our phone portfolio to offer better and more innovative products to our users, but at this time we have no definitive information to share for future devices."


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But the question is, when will we be able to see the phone? Although the company initially spoke of the year 2018, this process can extend to the beginning of 2019. If Samsung is introducing the first examples of the phone in November 2018, it is likely to be a remote one in 2019.