Samsung's Great Concept for Foldable Phone

Samsung is preparing to introduce Galaxy X, the flexible display foldable device expected in the first months of 2019. Moving from the leaked drawings of the South Korean giant, a great concept for the device was prepared. The device comes in a whole new way.

It's hard to make a foldable phone. First of all, in order for a device to be foldable, not only the screen, but also a lot of material must be flexible. For this reason, producers are pushing their engineers to make designs that look quite futuristic. Another challenge is not to produce these devices but to promise that they will not produce long-term problems by producing millions of pieces in a serial manner.

Samsung reminds you to work on a foldable device for almost 7-8 years. The firm's followers know that the concepts that have been seen so far point at least as comfortable as the wallet. In the first months of 2019, the Galaxy X we will see is the end of this expectation. If there is a small possibility, the name of the phone may be Galaxy F, which symbolizes the "foldable" word meaning "foldable."

Concepts prepared by Dutch NieuweMobiel on patented images leaked from Samsung dazzle:

Whatever the name of the device is, it looks extremely different thanks to its extremely flexible body.

In fact, the screen does not fold completely flat:

Samsung thinks flexibility will limit after a certain place. The bottom media buttons are always available.

The design fingerprint reader is behind the device. Samsung also has the possibility of hiding this sensor under the screen:

We also expect to have four cameras, two front and two rear.

The Galaxy X (or F) will have a long screen that is 7 inches bigger than the leak:

The aspect ratio of the screen can be 21: 9, far out of the standard. The resolution is said to be 1440 x 3360.

All of this can push you economically. Because the device is expected to go out of sales at 1850 dollars: