Sand Playing Tourist 1000 Euros Money Crisis Cut

A British tourist who played beach sand from the island of Sardinia, famous for its beaches in Italy, was sentenced to a fine of 1000 euros.

Tourists in the northeastern region of Sardinia known as 'emerald shores' were caught in gendarmerie control. For a tourist who has 'stolen' a bottle of beach sand, a penalty of 1000 euros has been cut. The local La Nuova Sardegna newspaper wrote that the 'sand thief' tourist was a British citizen of Naples

Sardinia island, which is always on the list of Italy's most beautiful beaches with white and fine sandy beaches, sandy beaches, mussel shells, stones and so on with a local law prohibited the taking of substances.

– People who have been found to have been stolen from sand have been charged with fines ranging from 500 to 3000 euros.

– In Sardinia's airports, frequent "stolen sand" searches are being made on tourists' luggage.

Last year alone, more than 200 kg of beach sand was seized at the airport of Alghero.

According to the year 2015, the amount of sand seized at the airport in Cagliari, capital of Sardinia, reached 5 tons.