Say 100 Million Rice a Day

A mathematics teacher in a primary school in Foshan, Guandong province, gave a rather strange assignment to his students.

On Webio, a social media giant in China, where platforms such as Facebook and Twitter were forbidden, it became clear that a viral mathematics question was actually directed at young children. A primary school mathematics teacher in Foshan asked for 100 million pounds to count from the children.

In Chinese, the question, which is viral with a label that means #TekTek, confused millions of Chinese minds.

It is very unlikely that you will be able to reach a conclusion with a certain number of piranha numbers (for example, 100) presented as a solution from users. Because rice grains are non-standard things. They are as different as apples in a tree. For this reason you will do over 100 rice, 100 million rice, which is identical to that hundred rice, is required.

In the social media debate among the Chinese, comments were made on the fact that this question is actually a practical intelligence question. Because, according to the simple result calculated by a user, if you count three rice at the moment, you get 1 million uninterrupted days without reaching 100 million. So during this time do not go to sleep, dive, eat food or go to the toilet. And if you want to drive 100 million birds, you might need a truck with 2 tonnes of load carrying capacity:

"One year 365 days, 24 hours a day, 3,600 seconds an hour, 31,356 thousand seconds when we hit them all. "

What do you do to count as soon as possible 100 million pirians