SBI Holdings Now Entering the Mining Sector

SBI Group, one of the largest finance companies in Japan and striving to play a very active role in the field of crypto money, is now entering the mining sector by founding a subsidiary company.

SBI Mining Chio Co. Ltd. The company will produce mining equipment and chips.

rol For a long time as SBI Group, which has played an active role in various branches in the digital products sector, it is now in the mining sector. ”

We will produce the equipment. Following our work on crypto money exchanges and other areas of the industry, we have seen SBI Mining Chip Co. Ltd. We would like to say with pride that we have established the company. m

SBI Group's work has also become clear. According to him, Adam Traidman, who had previously signed many successful initiatives in Silicon Valley and was shown as a specialist in the field of semiconductors;

Cripto will be the name of the company that is trying to create a significant added value for the money industry, and will show the time that the company will be able to rival Bitmain, one of the giants in the mining sector.