Schuh24 Group joins bike platform with 1,100 dealers – eCommerce Magazin, based in Neubulach in the Black Forest, is the largest bicycle dealer platform in Germany, on which around 1,100 specialist dealers offer over 25,000 bicycles. The GMV (gross volume of goods) of the online platform is in the double-digit million range. “The range of bikes on offer is growing rapidly Platform for bicycles and accessoriesthat is deeply rooted in the industry with 1,100 dealers. We have therefore decided, as the majority shareholder, to accompany future growth and further expand the platform business, ”said Dr. Dominik Benner, managing director of Benner Holding GmbH in Wiesbaden, to which the Schuh24 Group belongs.

Continue growth with shoes24

The founder and managing director of, Friedemann Vieweger, will stay on board and continue the successful growth course. After the entry of the Schuh24 group, Friedemann Vieweger and Schuh24 are shareholders of Bike Offer. The previous shareholders Tilo Kurreck and Hanno Vieweger left in November. The existing team in Neubulach will be expanded, and the heads of finance (CFO) and operations (COO) will remain in place. Both sides have agreed not to disclose the purchase price of the shares.

Friedemann Vieweger, Managing Director of, and Dr. Dominik Brenner, Managing Director of Benner Holding GmbH, are now business partners. (Image: Shoes24 Group)

“We started with the aim of being the first platform for bicycle dealers in Germany. The Corona year 2020 was extreme for our industry, sales increased, and there was a shortage of stock on site. Together with the Schuh24 Group, we want to increase our growth next year: more sales and more dealers. Our field service is being increased, our accessories area expanded and we are investing heavily in marketing, ”explains Friedemann Vieweger, CEO of Bike-offer.

Expansion of online shops for bicycle dealers

In addition to growth, the focus is also on building more online shops for dealers, as also acts as a shop provider for dealers in addition to the platform. “Dealer shops are very important, especially when it comes to sales specifications for big brands, because dealers use our technology to sell”, says Vieweger. For Dr. Linking the product ranges is also important to Dominik Benner: “We have a large number of local sports retailers who sell bicycles and accessories. We can now bring these to the bike range and significantly expand the range. ”

For the future growth strategy, the two partners want to initiate a clear expansion course, also abroad. For Schuh24, the majority takeover is an important step in expanding the platform activities: “When we started in 2013, it was about a platform for retailers in the shoe and fashion sector. We are now platform providers for nine industries, such as jewelers, watches, machines, sports, leather goods, digital trade fairs and shoes, and are developing into a platform group. In addition, we will actively cover the B2C and B2B areas in the future ”, says Dominik Benner.

The Schuh24 Group currently operates nine online platforms for various industries. (Image: Schuh24 Group)

The Schuh24 Group was founded in 2013 by Dr. Dominik Benner founded. It now operates nine platforms for various industries, including fashion retail, jewelers, shoes and leather goods. In the B2B area, the entry into a platform for digital trade fairs took place in 2018 (WeWant Shoes and TheBrandShow), in 2020 the majority acquisition took place in the machine platform Gindumac. In the B2C area, the boutique platform My-Stationary and the portal bike offer were taken over this year. For 2020 a turnover of 120 million euros is targeted. (sg)

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