Schwarz Group: Lidl, Würth and others work on European Cloud

For their grocery chains Lidl and
Kaufland well-known Schwarz Group wants its own cloud infrastructure
build up and examine cooperations with the tool manufacturer
Würth and the energy supplier EnBW. A black company spokesman said on Friday dpa request, corresponding discussions have been running since this year.

Job market

  1. Letido GmbH, Olching
  2. about duerenhoff GmbH, room Lübeck

The aim is to build an independent cloud infrastructure with European
Safety standards – initially for internal purposes. If the project
successful and in demand, but it is also possible, as
Service providers to invite more companies to the cloud. Planned
be that the cloud infrastructure is ready by the end of 2020.

The cloud market is currently dominated by US corporations like
Amazon, Microsoft and Google and the Chinese Internet company Alibaba. For example, Microsoft is using Azure to target privacy-sensitive businesses in Germany. That had not worked with the German cloud before.

Not necessarily associated with Gaia-X

The Federal Government had recently presented plans according to which German
and European IT providers in the future to a network
to consolidate their data securely and securely
self-determined store and process. This
Cloud network called Gaia-X should be among other European companies
pave the way to digital business models, it said. Gaia-X should use uniform interfaces and should be based on open source products.

The Schwarz spokesman said the company was on the run
not directly related to Gaia-X. He stressed, however, that the
own cloud in case of cooperation with other successful
Companies could quickly become a bigger topic. black
made 2018 more than 100 billion euros in sales. It was at Würth
in the past year 13.6 and at EnBW 20.6 billion euros.

At first, the Heilbronner voice about the
planned cooperation reported. The head of the Würth IT division,
Jürgen Häckel, told the newspaper, Würth already offer
Datacenter services, one could provide this expertise for
provide a common cloud solution.

EnBW cloud project manager Frank Brech said that one sees a European cloud platform as a step in the right direction. "It is essential to focus on the
Cyber ​​security of such infrastructures. "

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