Scientific Committee Member Made a Statement About Face-to-Face Education

Professor of the Scientific Committee, whose name we hear very often during the pandemic period. Tevfik Özlü explained what could be met if the schools started face-to-face education on February 15th.

One of the most curious questions during the coronavirus pandemic is whether schools will open or not. Gradually over the past period face to face MoNE, who started education, gave up this decision after increasing cases and returned to distance education completely. Students who have completed the first term with many complications are now wondering what the second term will be like.

Ministry of Education, The new period will begin on February 15 It is still not clear how this training will be. Making a statement on the subject, Prof. Tevfik Özlü said, “Will face-to-face training begin on February 15?“He answered the question and offered his own suggestion.

Özlü said in a statement on the subject “Classes with 10 or 15 students and classes of 50 people should not be seen the same. This is also an important thing in terms of contamination. It should be evaluated as school-based and city-based. Instead of a national decision, regional, school-based or even feasibility can be made. ” used the expressions.

Tevfik Özlü

Speaking on NTV live broadcast, Özlü’s statement is as follows:

“First I would like to say this. I am a physician, I will tell about the risks associated with opening schools. But these do not mean that schools should not open, they should open late. I have to express the danger, this is my responsibility. I talk about these risks, possibilities, but I am not a decision maker. Ministry of Education.

If I curb myself while speaking the word here, the balance cannot be established well. What is the health risk; I will speak. The public administration will listen to all parties and make a decision itself.

The situation in the world regarding schools is not the same in every country. Some values ​​are mentioned, but they are not the same. There are some schools, some cultures, life differences. It has been shown that the opening of schools did not contribute to the spread of the epidemic. Infection occurred within the school, but no common transmission was reported. There is no evidence of contamination from the school.

Schools are not seen as places that should be closed as a priority. Or it can be said as a priority for opening.

In Israel, for example, there is an increased risk of serious infections in schools. How is the situation with us? There is no data to support this. But I also read the studies on this subject in the world.

One of our risks is this. We have a large family structure. Our school children are in constant communication with their grandparents. Crowded family, being together, going to each other’s house, eating and drinking, spending time. You know children have lower risk, but older people are the opposite. The relationship between these two generations needs to be taken into account.

Not every family is the same. There is a nuclear family, there is a returning home, there is a family that meets with their grandfather once or twice a week. So there is no homogeneous situation here. It may not be correct to generalize while speaking, to say that it is effective or not. I would like to draw attention to this. The probability of infecting children is slightly higher in societies like ours.

Classes with 10 students, 15 students and 50 students should not be seen the same. This is also an important thing in terms of contamination. It should be evaluated as school-based and city-based. Instead of a national decision, regional, school-based or even feasibility can be made. “

Özlü: “The epidemic has not decreased; it has not slowed down.”

Face to face education

Speaking about the course of the epidemic, Scientific Committee member Özlü made the following statements:

“I had reservations about August 31. Unfortunately, these reservations were confirmed to go to closure again in the following period. I hope that if these steps are to be taken during this period, they will be taken cautiously, gradually and without haste. Because the epidemic did not stop in the world. Let me say the fourth one.

When we close the schools, the number of cases was lower than the current number of cases in Turkey. We closed the schools at that time. The number of cases in Turkey is not reduced. The number of cases in the world is also much higher. The epidemic did not decrease, it did not slow down.

I do not say it should not open, I cannot say. I also missed my students. I want the schools to be opened as soon as possible. “


Minister Koca made a statement on mutation and vaccine after the Scientific Committee Meeting

In the continuation of his statements, Özlü said that the vaccination that is currently being carried out has a logic of its own. Teachers Stating that the risk will disappear in schools if vaccinated, Özlü also of the mutated virus spread all over the world, including Turkey, he said. Opening schools can be viewed as a threat, as the mutated virus causes more patients to appear in children and younger ages.

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