Scientists Have Found Physical Source of Anxiety!

Anxiety disorder, called anxiety disorder, causes mental and physical effects and problems in the psychological condition of a person.

This illness, which millions of people live in and which "ruins their lives" in the name of the phrase, can make it difficult for the person. A new study investigating the neurological basis of anxiety in his brain identified cells in the hippocampus that did not just regulate their anxiety behavior.

The findings of experiments with laboratory mice proved that millions of people worldwide (one in every five people) suffered from anxiety disorder.

The neuroscientist Mazen Kheirbek at the University of California at San Francisco stated, "We started by not wanting to understand how the emotional knowledge of the topic anxiety feeling is coded in the brain."

Subsequently, the team used a technique called calcium imaging.

On the other hand, the team that set up a full-scale field specifically selects the conditions that trigger anxiety. All these security holes worked and the rats were ugly. Jessica Jimenez of Columbia University Vagelos Clinicians and Surgeons Kites, who has determined where the event is taking place, stated that they had discovered things they had never been aware of before.


            3 Methods That Science Confirms To Defeat Anxiety!

As a result, researchers have been able to effectively silence anxiety cells by using a technique called optogenetics to brighten the light rays into the vCA1 locus cells, and to move the mice in a confident, carefree manner. On the other hand, scientists who changed light settings could also affect different anxiety cells. At this point, the technique, which is still evolving, seems to save many people from this disease if it is developed.