Scientists Investigate Heavy Metal Fans

Scientists who have been studying heavy metal fans for 3 years have concluded that people who dance heavily by hitting each other come to the 40,000-year-old rituals of tribes living in the Papua New Girne forests.

, heavy metal fans have reached a new conclusion. According to anthropological studies, the so-called 'Mosh pit', which is based on violent dancing, corresponds to the 40,000-year-old traditions of the tribes that live in the depths of the Papua New Kyrenia forests. the most important proof that some principles constitute the basis of humanity. On the other hand, Lindsay Bishop, a researcher and reporter at the University of London Academy, said in his speech on the subject: yaşayan There is a connection between heavy metal culture and mosh pit rituals and the tribes living in Papua New Guinea rainforest eler


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Former fans of the mosh pit manners and rules of behavior of young people or new members who indicated that the researcher, so that the chaos environment is moving in a controlled manner, he said. The main purpose of crazy and violent dance was not to fight but to throw stress. At the dance, which is immediately removed from the ground, during the concert, a person is moved around from head to toe. All these behaviors have been applied in Papua Yeni Girne for over 40 thousand years. You will understand that even if cultures are tens of thousands of years apart, it is quite possible for us to encounter similar behaviors, even though the cultures are diametrically opposed.