Screen Embedded Front Camera Will Not Come This Year

Oppo'dan star recently shining from good to good, some explanations about the coming periods of 2019 came. The company's deputy general manager said in a statement that two new models of the Reno series will be released this year.

Oppo, a Chinese technology manufacturer, had a good start with the Reno series. The company, which was popular in China until the Reno series, made its name known all over the world with the Reno series.

Recent statements by the company's executive vice president, Brian Shen, confirm that Oppo is working on a new phone from the Reno lineup, as well as a few small details about its features.

oppo reno

According to Shen, we will meet at least two new Oppo phones by the end of the year. Both of these phones will belong to the Reno series. The important point is that the highly anticipated screen-embedded camera technology will not take place on these phones.

There is another product Oppo is working on. Shen did not mention what the second product was during his statements. Weibo users think that this product is a wireless headset with noise canceling or a Pikachu themed powerbank, as the company did last year.

oppo powerbank


Oppo Shining Star Recently, Now Entering Smart Watch Industry

The statements made by the company's product manager are not limited to these. Shen announced that Oppo has not yet worked on smart televisions.

With these statements, it became clear that we will meet new Reno models later in 2019. Oppo's work and explanations will determine the next process. The most important feature consumers now expect from Oppo is a technology that makes it possible to embed the front camera directly under the screen.

Oppo Reno's front camera is designed to be opened with a review of the Oppo Reno can be found in the video below.