ScreenhitsTV: An interface for Netflix, Disney + and Prime Video

Screenhits TV wants to start with a service that combines several video streaming subscriptions in one interface. So if you have a subscription for Netflix and Prime Video in parallel, you should get an overview of the content of the providers in question in an app. The service supports the providers Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and Disney + available in Germany. It is not known whether Sky Ticket content will also be integrated.

Screenhits TV has sent selected media press releases about the upcoming launch. The service is apparently primarily intended to compete with the business model of classic pay-TV subscriptions. Several media cite the same statement by CEO Rose Adkins Hulse: “The new app helps streamline the viewing experience, and unlike traditional cable solutions, customers can curate their channels and subscriptions, paying only for channels they actually want to see, rather than paying monthly for the channels that they never see. “

So far, a lot is still unclear about screen hits TV. The homepage of the provider consists of only one website and there are no contact details, no imprint and no information about who is behind the company. At present, interested parties can only register there with their email address. The provider promises that the first 100,000 prospective customers will receive a free subscription for one year.

Screen hits TV is chargeable

Because screen hits TV is chargeable. The website calls a price from $ 1.99 or £ 1.99 per month. For this, the subscribers should receive selected TV channels, no further information is available. Existing video streaming subscriptions should be able to be integrated free of charge. It is not known whether the monthly fees also apply if customers only want to use their subscriptions under one interface.

The app is to appear for Amazon’s Fire TV sticks and Samsung’s Smart TVs. Apps are also planned for Android and iOS, which will also support Google’s Chromecast. It is not known whether the app will also be available for Apple TV and Android TV right from the start. The information provided by the provider about the supported devices has many factual errors, many products are incorrectly labeled. So the Amazon devices are only called Fire Sticks, which do not exist. It is unclear whether only Fire TV sticks and none of the larger Fire TV devices are supported.

Much of Screenhits TV is still unclear

What functions the user of Screenhits TV gets is still completely open at the moment. With the Apple TV app, there is already an approach by Apple to combine the content of several services in one app. However, Netflix does not participate here, among other things. In addition, a Fire TV device shows Netflix content directly on the start screen, but the content from Disney + is missing here.

Many of the currently open questions can only be clarified when Screen hits TV starts. That should happen in the USA and Great Britain at the end of May 2020. In addition, the service is to be made available in other countries, so far no further information is available. It is therefore unclear whether the service will then also be available in Germany.

On their website these features are shown:

  • Integrate your existing streaming platforms for FREE.
  • Watch Live premium TV channels and 1000s of shows and films with plans starting as low as £ 1.99/month.
  • Bundle and save more than 25% on the leading premium OTT streaming platforms.