Seafaring: Bill Gates is said to have ordered an electric-powered super yacht

Microsoft founder Bill Gates is said to have bought a super-yacht with clean propulsion. The reports the British Telegraph, but the Sinot company, from which Gates is said to have ordered the yacht, denies this.

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The company has the Yacht called Aqua developed. The Dutch design office presented the concept at the yacht fair in Monaco in September last year. It is the first super yacht of its kind. It is 112 meters long and is powered by electric motors.

The ship has five decks, which include a fitness studio with a wellness area and a so-called infinity swimming pool. There is also a helipad. The yacht is moved and operated by a crew of 31. There is space for 14 guests.

The drive consists of two electric motors with an output of 1 megawatt each. There are also two Voith Schneider Propeller (VSP) with a total output of 550 kilowatts. A VSP is drive and control in one and generates thrust in any direction. This makes maneuvering easier. Hydrogen is used as an energy source.

The ship is powered by several stacks of polymer electrolyte fuel cells with an output of 4 megawatts. The fuel is hydrogen, which is stored in two large tanks at a temperature of minus 253 degrees Celsius. Producing hydrogen at sea like the French ship Energy Observer, the Aqua obviously cannot do that. In addition, the yacht also has batteries with a capacity of 1.5 megawatt hours.

The top speed of the Aqua should be 17 knots – this corresponds to around 31 kilometers per hour. The range is said to be around 6,035 kilometers. It will still take a while before Gates, one of the investors of the US startup Heliogen, which wants to produce synthetic fuels with the help of sunlight, can set to sea: The fuel cell yacht will probably not be ready until 2024, reports The Telegraph, It is expected to cost around $ 644 million.

In conversation with the British television station BBC Sinot stated that it had no business relationship with Gates. He hadn't ordered aqua, said a spokeswoman.

Addendum from February 10, 2020, 5:20 p.m.

Sinot states that it has no business relationship with Bill Gates. The article has been adjusted accordingly.

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