Seasonal changes How are living things affected?

As you know, now we live in different seasons than the old ones.

As you have recently noticed, the seasons are different than the old days. This change is a challenge for plants and animals. In nature, everything moves in an order, and these changes can cause timeless flowers to open, causing birds to fly north as the ice is still melted. In this context, scientists who want to examine how living things react to seasonal changes have studied thousands of species over a long period of time.

Scientists in research on the subject are demanding the help of all people for this task. At this point, people of all ages and sexes can gather data. For example, Sheila Salmon, a retired library officer at the age of 85, is involved in the study of seasonal changes in business with Arizona University. Speaking about the mission, Salmon said, "Actually what you need to do is pretty simple. For example, a tree in your backyard can be observed throughout the year and you can record your data. "


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As you can see from all these work initiatives and help requests, seasonal changes have stolen our doors. As we mentioned earlier, this may cause the flowers to open early or the insects may appear before their time. On the other hand, birds may leave their eggs early by deceiving the warm weather, but birds that can not find their offspring due to seasonal changes are likely to be adversely affected.

We can however be affected by seasonal changes. For example, the rapid arrival of the spring will cause the flowers to open early, so the allergic season will be long. A similar situation applies within agriculture. Hot weather can damage many agricultural crops, leading to untimely foodstuffs or degraded crops.

At this point scientists need the utterance given by the public to observe this situation with more examples. Henry David Thoreau, who had helped scientists who had already made a similar request earlier, has reviewed and obtained various animal and plant groups 150 years ago. Thoreau's offerings are of great significance for the time being, as well as proof of climate change.