SEC: US ​​Crypto Money Stocks Not Enough "Enthusiastic" To Comply With Regulations

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) disclosed in its June 6th comment that it "was not surprised" about the harmonization between cryptographic currency exchanges.

SEC SEC Trading in CNBC Brett Redfearn It is argued that the stock exchanges in the trade offer for the tokens issued over ICO which may constitute securities under the Constitution of the United States Sandler O'Neill Global At the Stock Exchange and Brokerage Conference: "We are now facing a great reluctance to enter the regulatory structure."

Redfearn, New York "

" There are a lot of stock exchanges that put ICOs on the market, I thought we would get more records. "

Redfearn also said, even if it had been previously reported, that regulators have not always had an easy time classifying such tokens.

Redfearn's comments, the president of the SEC Jay Clayton have also reported on the existence of cryptographic currencies, ICO tokens, and the US securities law.

Clayton, describing Bitcoin as a non-securities crypto asset, is a definite difference between CNBC and crypto currencies like BTC and ICO tokens.

"At the point where I give you my money and you will go and make an attempt, you tell me to give you my money: 'Do you know, and we will give you some return.' This is a security and we are organizing it. "